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MOT History


Full vehicle MOT test history for EVERY car. Tax check lookup for EVERY car.Get informed before buying your next vehicle. Make sure you're not buying a lemon!
Vehicle checks for England, Scotland and Wales only.
★ Past Failures - Find out what items failed before, though rectified they might cause problems again.
★ Advisory notices - See issues that might cause future problems.
★ Tax due lookup - How long before you need to pay?
★ Mileage graph - Visually see if the vehicle has been overworked or neglected for long time periods.
★ Check vehicle odometer against MOT test history records.
★ MOT test Expiry date - How long before the next check?
★ Vehicle details - double check visually the vehicles Model/Manufacture Date/Fuel Type/Colour

If you use sites like AutoTrader, OR Exchangeandmart, use the Reg from the images to find a vehicles test history before you even see it in person.
MOT History allows you to check the status of a car MOT test certificate and will show reasons for past failures as well as advisory notices. Find out if tax is due on the vehicles before purchase.
Use this information for helping you choose your vehicle and as a basis for price negotiation.
Find out what might need further inspection when you view the vehicle.